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To Your Love - A Song by Pax VIci

To Your Love

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Miss World, a song by Pax Vici

Miss World

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Pax Vici - Fucking Fish Rap Cool Over

Fucking Fish
(feat. Nekro G)

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One Last Chance - Song by Pax Vici

One Last Chance

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Musication - Song by Pax Vici


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Knocking Down, a song by Pax Vici

Knocking Down
(2 tracks)

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Summer Time - 2 tracks album - Pax Vici

Summer Time
(2 tracks)

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Fucking Fish - Song by Pax Vici

Fucking Fish

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Pax Vici

Composer – Pax Vici
Mix – Pax Vici
Mastering – OBreath
Producer & Label Paradise Label

DJ Pax Vici is American and lives in Amsterdam since 2014. She grew up and studied music in Tampa, Florida. She composes her own music and has been performing in many DJ festivals since 2010.

Pax Vici federates a community of DJs around the world that solicits her to compose original music. Working in the shadow of many artists for whom she worked for a few years, she decided in 2018 to release her exclusive singles.

Also, she loves the fashion industry, travels and does not hesitate to step out of her comfort zone, going to discover the world, their different streams of music and people.

Verified Artist on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Music, Deezer, Napster, KKBox, YouTube Music and more